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Monday, January 2, 2012

DIY paper chandelier

A few posts ago I showed you this
Paper Chandelier, and then I
told you how I was going to attempt
(key word: attempt) to make one
of theses...well?

Ahem...ahem may I have your
attention please?

Drum roll....

Well? what do you think?
I was thinking of hanging it either
in our craft room, or it would
be adorable in a little girls room...
So many options :)

I started by wrapping ribbon, and or
fabric around the entire shade.
( I used a hot glue gun,
it worked perfectly!)

After wrapping all the ribbon,
I took string and glued cute paper onto
it, any which way is good, there's
no right or wrong way with this one.

After tieing all the strings onto the
shade, all that's left to do is
embellish! Yay! I added a pearl garland
around the top, and punched out
paper butterflies, and stars to mine.
You can do whatever you want, adding
 your own personality is what
makes this so fun. :)   

Isn't she a beauty?
Probably not everyones
taste out there, but I think
it's adorable!

Hope you are all having
a lovely day!

Lynn & Kathi

1 comment:

mary pernula said...

I like the lamp shade, I may try it also. Hugs Mary

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