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~ About 20 years ago we moved into the Cascade area of Grand Rapids, my mom, dad, and my 3 brothers, with NO thoughts of starting a retail gift sireee. My mom with 3 kids about to give birth to a 4th...nope, no thoughts at all! Originally, my dad farmed Celery for Campbells soup company, and all of us kids worked on the farm at an early age, we loved it being on the farm with dad, what's better than that?  After years of farming, my mom and dad decided to start up some greenhouses and eventually we have grown and grown into what we have here today! ~

~ The shop itself started out with my mom, an umbrella, and a table selling fresh cut bouquets of flowers for $5 a bunch. All of us kids would have to go out and pick the fresh flowers every morning. Over the years we have slowly evolved and changed, from herbs and plants, to garage doors, remodeling the inside, expanding our garden area, and our buying for the gift shop...and there is still always room for change and expansion.

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Patti said...

Hello! It's Easter and I just found your website and blog. They are wonderful! The music is such a nice touch. My Mom introduced me to your shop a few years ago. We both just love stopping in. Happy spring.

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