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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

~ Welcome to fairyland~

Miniature gardens are something that
we came across a few years ago, and since then
have fallen in love with them!

They are so much fun to make, and are always
a work in progress. There are SO many things you can
add to, or create when you let your imagination run free.

The thing with miniature gardens, is that you
can either plant them right into your garden, or you can
create one in an old box or wagon,
or anything your heart desires to plant one in.
That's why they are so fun! :)

Here are a couple that we made out of old soda boxes.

In the shop we have a big one that we built right in
the greenhouse. It's always a work in progress, every year
we rip old plants out and freshen it up with new plants.
Add new pathways, and new arches,
little tables and chairs,
little wheelbarrow...etc you get the idea right?  :)

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of our
miniature garden!   I would love it if you made your
very own and shared photos of them with me!
What does everyone think of maybe having a
fairy party??
 Linking up to share ideas and pictures of your
own miniature gardens? Let me know what you think!

~ Enjoy your Tuesday, Thanks for stopping by!


Marydon said...

Lynn, they are wonderful & such creative ideas to create with. Love you & your shares.



Stacey@A Sort Of Fairytale said...

i am for sure going to do a fairy garden in a soda crate...i love yours!! i think a fairy garden party would be awesome, you should do it. i would like to post about it on my blog if that's okay, and if you decide to do the party. i can send people over to you join the party through the post. just let me know...

koralee said...

So magical my friend...I love these gardens in the old boxes...I am thinking this may be the perfect thing to do this Spring.

Thank you so much...I am sure your world is filled with beautiful blooms right now. xoxoxo hugs

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

Beautiful Ideas! I wish I lived near you so I could "SHOP till I Drop in your SHOP"!!! I see LOTS of goodies there. I am your newest FOLLOWER and I hope you will FOLLOW ME TOO!!! Where are you located??? I am "FINALLY" able to get into my gardens now, HURRAY!!!
Have a wonderful week,

Lindsay said...

How charming! I'd love any one of the miniature gardens to be my real one! The little girls is fairy wings is the previous post was too cute!

I'm also doing a GR vintage blog, I'm talking about some of the downtown stores and weird things I come across.

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