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Friday, November 15, 2013

DIY Christmas clay pot

For some reason this time of year
brings out the DIY in me, I see
something on pinterest, or a little bottle
of glitter and modge podge and my hands
can't wait to be creative.
I just can't help myself,
I walk around and around the
shop looking for inspiration,
I get a good idea, and have to be creative
that instant. I scramble for the
glue gun, I grab all the necessary
ingredients and get my hands moving.
 The beauty of
being creative is that you can
create something totally brand new,
something that has never been done
before. That is what I have done
here, hope you enjoy it!
This is what you will need for
my imaginative Christmas clay pot DIY:
- Modge Podge
-Clay pots
-Oasis foam
-Glue gun
-Bits and bobbles
{I chose a broken ornament}
First thing you are going to want to do is
fill your clay pot with the Oasis foam, cut
the piece of foam and make sure it is level with the
top of the pot.
Once you have done that make sure you know what
bit or bobble you want to place on top,
I usually choose something with an
animal. A tower of small ornaments all glued
together would be cute too.
Get creative!
Take your glue gun and glue it right to the
oasis foam.

Now that my little deer is glued on, I'm
going to glue this green moss all around
the edge of the pot to cover the moss, and
sharp edges of my broken piece, and of course
because it looks pretty!
Once your moss is in place you are going
to brush modge podge all over the clay pot,
and if you want you can brush some on the moss and
whatever bobble you decide to glue in your clay pot.


Once you have brushed on the modge podge
you can sprinkle on the glitter, make sure you do it
in a box or somewhere you don't mind
making a mess.
The modge podge is just like glue,
after a little bit it will dry clear,
and all you will see is the pretty
glittery clay pot.


You can do all different sizes and shapes too!
The ideas are endless!
Happy Creating!
Until my next creative moment...
Lynn & Kathi

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