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Monday, May 13, 2013

Make your own Fairy Garden!

The popular gardening trend lately is 
fairy gardening, perfect for those 
little areas you're not quite sure what to 
do with, or if you have kids or grandkids 
this is a perfect project to do together!

I thought I would do a little DIY 
Fairy garden, if you love 
container gardening or don't have 
a ton of space for gardening 
listen up! 

The first thing you will need is a container, 
you can pick anything from an old wagon 
to a birdbath, or even an old suitcase!
Once you start scrounging around, 
the ideas are endless! 

Think twice before you throw out 
old "junk" it may become a new found

Next, you will need soil 
and an arbor or something to become 
the focal point of your fairy garden. 
It could be a little miniature house or 

and some little stones for a pathway

And last but not least you will need 
plants! We usually recommend using about 
4 to 5 plants per container, but it just depends 
on how big your space is. 

Now, once you have all you need, 
the first thing you are going to want to do is
fill your container with soil, I usually fill it to the 
top and pat it down so that when you water your plants 
in it won't sink down below the surface.

The next thing you are going to do is 
place your arbor or focal point 
where you want, we usually recommend 
putting it in the back corners of your space,
that way you are looking in to your 
fairy garden and you can place all of your 
little miniatures in the front where everyone will be 
able to see them. 

My arbor was a little too tall for my container, 
if this happens to you, just snip off the  
 ends of your arbor with a wire cutters, so that the 
bottom rim sits on top of the soil. 

Now for planting! 
I usually will plant my wire vine first, right by 
my arbor so that it climbs over it, make sure the you 
plant your ivy or vine nice and close! 

Next plant we recommend is 
Baby Tears! This is such a great plant for 
many reasons, we love it for fairy gardens 
because you can break it apart into small little 
pieces, it's great in the shade, outside or in a 
sun porch, and for winter you can bring it 
inside! We LOVE this one. 

Succulents are also great plants for fairy gardens! 
If you have plants around the house that have 
sprouted lots of little babies, all you have to do is 
cut a few babies off and poke them in the soil and 
they will root themselves! If you don't believe me, 
try it for yourself! 

When you are all done planting
don't forget to water in your fairy garden. 

Now go out and make one!

Start by looking for the perfect container, this is 
a great time of year for container hunting too, 
any garage sale you see, STOP and pull in
 you may just find your PERFECT fairy 
garden container. 

Happy Hunting! 

~ Lynn & Kathi 

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Unknown said...

Love the castle you posted in 2012. Any suggestions on where I could purchase one for my newest fairy garden creation?

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