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Monday, July 9, 2012

Painting Ball Jars: DIY

I have had SO much positive 
feedback from these 
Jadeite green jars I painted a 
few weeks ago! I saw 
this DIY on Pinterest
and HAD to give it a try! 

{image via Pinterest}

This DIY was SO easy and fun! 
Do you have lots of old vases laying 
around the house, that you hate and 
hide away under your cupboards? 
Why not paint them your favorite color, 
and display them? 

First ~ You are going to want to grab an 
old clear glass vase, or jar. 

Second: Pick out any color paint that you would like 
to use. I had some paint that we mixed 
ourselves a while back, any regular latex paint will do. 
Make sure you have either an old rag ready to use, or 
gloves..and lay down some newspaper...this 
could get messy. 

If you pour it nicely, it shouldn't get too messy,
but it's always good to be prepared!
Pour your paint directly into your vase or 
jar and swirl around til the whole thing is covered. 

It typically takes 2 to 3 days for the 
glass to be patient. 

Aren't they pretty? I love how they 
turned out! Just sitting displayed 
on your table or mantle would be 
simple and pretty. 

This Fall, in September and October 
we are going to be having some 
"Ladies Create" Events in our 
Greenhouse, where all the ladies come 
out and we create together! We were 
thinking of doing this as one of our crafts...
What do you think?? Or if you have 
any ideas we would love to hear them! 

Lynn & Kathi 


vintage grey said...

Love this idea!! The color you chose is so pretty! Happy Monday! xo Heather

koralee said...

I DO love this...I have done it with some old vases tooo....I love the turquoise..which I used but that green is lovely too. I do love how it all looks. Hugs to you dear one. xoxo

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