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Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Chickens Summer Cottage

Welcome to our Chickens 
"Summer Cottage" 

Won't you stay and have a look?

In the backyard to our house, we 
have this old gazebo that is just 
covered with  Trumpet Vine it actually 
works out perfectly! Keeps the 
Chickies cool and shaded and
looks pretty! Not to mention 
the hummingbirds we see 
ALL the time..I love that! 

They love to roam around our 
backyard, and our Dog 
Jack, surprisingly hasn't 
gone after them yet, probably 
because he knows he would be 
in BIG trouble if he did! :)

I'll be sure to update you on 
what our little chickens are 
up to this Summer...
here is your official update #1 

Hope you are all staying cool and 
enjoying your Summer! 

Lynn & Kathi 


~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

They're summer cottage looks wonderful! :) :) Have a happy week! xo Holly

vintage grey said...

What a wonderful and sweet summer cottage for your chickens!! They look very happy! Have a lovely week!;) xo Heather

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