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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back at it...

We {as in my mom and I} 
have both been gone all 
around the country...and 
we are now back, and 
have been trying to get the 
shop and garden back in order. 

We reopen in only a few short weeks, 
and let me tell you...leaving the 
garden unattended for 10 days, 
is lots of fun to come back to...let's 
just say there was a lot 
of dirt under the nails and 
dirt on the face by 
the time we were done 

There are more pictures of our 
garden where this one came from...
I will be sure to share them with you,
along with my Seattle trip! {yeah!}
when I have time...we 
have LOTS of painting and 
sanding and reordering to 
do before we open up 
again in September. 

Hope you are enjoying 
your Summer!

Lynn & Kathi 

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