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Monday, May 21, 2012

Cupcakes & Fairies

Sugar and Spice and 
everything nice
That's what little girls are 
made of...

That's what all the adorable 
little girls who stopped by 
our shop on Saturday 
were made of. This 
past Saturday was our 
annual Cupcake Tea party 
that we have every year 
in the Spring. 

We could not have asked 
for better weather! It turned 
out to be a beautiful, sunny, 
blue sky kind of a day...
perfect for a fairy tea party! 

The party began with a story
upstairs in our little barn. 
We read about where 
fairies live and how to find 
them in the garden, woods, 
and water.
The girls had all kinds of 
answers :) 

After the story we 
went outside and made our 
very own sparkle fairy dust to 
help us find our fairies..

Once we had all of our 
fairy dust mixed up, we were 
ready to go! Off to the garden
to search for hidden fairies! 

After we found our fairies, we 
headed off on a walk to see 
the Fairy garden! 

Show us your fairy! 

Now off to have some cupcakes 
and punch! 

Thank You SO much to 
Dot-ta-Da  for making 
the Delish cupcakes for our 
tea party! If you need some 
for any event, give her a call! 
She makes SUCH good cupcakes!

Thank You girls for coming out 
to our Tea Party! We had so much fun, 
and hope that you did too! 

We can't wait to do it 
again next year! 

Lynn & Kathi

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koralee said...

Sooo darling my friend...your little fairies are adorable...what a fun fun day! Hugs. xoxoxo

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