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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY fabric covered canvas

Let the beauty we LOVE be 
what we DO

 I am 
here today 
to Inspire you...
your task: to go out
and create something

Let me help...

You will need: 

Start by covering your canvas with
the fabric of your choice. 
(I used a thin flat canvas, 
and some lace fabric ) 

Make sure you leave some 
extra fabric  so you can 
wrap it around the edges 
of the canvas.

Next you are going to flip 
over your canvas and 
glue (make sure your glue is hot)
the edges of the fabric to the back 
of the canvas.

After the fabric is wrapped tightly
around the canvas, you can 
measure out your ribbon
to the length you want,
and glue to the back of the 
canvas, make sure the 
ribbon is over the fabric.

Once that is done, you can 
cut a piece of paper of your choice
to place on the back of the 

Now let the fun begin!  :)

I mixed and matched my buttons,
but you can do whatever you want!
That's the beauty of creating 
you can make it your own, and 
put your personality into it. 

Now comes the tricky part, 
at least for me it was...
what to put in the 
center? hmmm..

I chose some vintage 
inspired postcards of 
Paris we had in the shop.

If you wedge the edges 
of either your photo or whatever you 
choose to put on your canvas, 
underneath the buttons 
you won't have to glue them, 
AND you will then have the 
option of switching out the 

Now get going...and 
create something beautiful! 

Until next time...
We hoped you enjoyed! 

Lynn & Kathi 

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