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Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Antique finds

Antiquing, junkin,
treasure hunting,
dumpster diving,
thrifting, picking,
or whatever it's
called these days.

 Wherever we have to go,
we will go, if it means
finding that one a kind piece
that you just
can't find anywhere,
(and if the price is right)
we will be there.

Since we closed for the
season back in December,
 we have been able to
go out treasure hunting
a few times.

Here's few things we have found so far...

Cute vintage salt
and pepper shakers

Just imagine a little paint on
these tables...what color do you think
we should paint them?

A vintage mustard hamper

What do you think, should we
paint this? or no paint?

Until next time...
thanks for stopping by!

Lynn & Kathi


Stacey@A Sort Of Fairytale said...

oh, i love it all...especially the truck! what fun!!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

I have to blurt first ----- no paint on the dresser. It's so charming and sweet the way it is.

You have found some great vintage finds!!! Lovin' the truck too.

Eclectically Vintage said...

Thanks for stopping by and liking my mudroom - so glad to have found you! We are kindred spirits! Love that green chair!! Following along.

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