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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Home sweet home

We arrived back to our home
sweet home this past Monday.
We drove down to Atlanta, which
surprisingly was not that bad!
You would think that 13 hours in a
car, straight there, no stopping,
would be be horrible, but
throw in a book on tape and lots
of goodies to munch on, and
it goes by pretty smoothly.

The show itself was a blast!
As usual, we found LOTS of adorably
cute things! It's funny,
a lot of people ask us if we take
a trailer down with us and load everything
back with us, which is a pretty
normal question I guess...
but the answer is no, we do
not. If we did, it would
take us a whole lot of trips
back and forth. We set up
ship dates while we are there
 so everything
we order comes on the dates
we say, a whole lot
easier than us loading
a trailer and hauling it 13 hours up
north, THAT would be
a sight to see!

Here are more goodies we found.
Stop by March 12 to see it all up
close and personal :)

~ Enjoy~

We have a whole bunch of cute
tea towels coming!

This is a brand new line
we will have this Spring!

We also have a TON of
fairy garden stuff coming
this Spring!

There is MUCH more where all this
came from! You won't want to miss
this Spring season...we have
SO many NEW and exciting things

Until next time...

~ Lynn & Kathi 

1 comment:

Stacey@A Sort Of Fairytale said...

i love Pip Studio, but can never get it, being that it is Danish...looks like you found a way! i will have to come to you this spring...happily!!!

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