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Monday, December 5, 2011

A little glitter anyone?

Is it possible to have too
much glitter around this
time of year? Probably, but...

Today I am all about the glitter...
bring it on!

For today's project you will need...

~ A hot glue gun
~ Modge podge
~ Oasis foam
(or floral foam)
~ Clay pots
~ Fake snow
~ Old ornaments
~ Any miniature (fairy)
~ and of course

First thing you will want to do is
fill your clay pot with foam, (you can glue
it to the bottom of the pot if you want, but isn't necessary)
After you put  your foam in, you can brush modge podge
around the rim of the pot and sprinkle (or pile on)
the glitter! (similar to the above picture)

From here it's all up to what you want your little
figurine to look like!

Here are some pictures of what I did to give
you an idea...

I glued vintage buttons to
the rim of one of my clay pots, then
brushed some modge podge, and
sprinkled with glitter... 

Now go get crafting!

It's super easy, but messy, so
be sure to have a box to sprinkle the glitter
over so you don't make a mess everywhere, unless
that is of course if you want glitter everywhere :)

Thanks for dropping by!


Lynn & Kathi

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