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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vintage pyrex LOVE

Who would have thought that
Pyrex bowls would come back
into style??

Well, they're back, and so we have
jumped on the bandwagon and
started collecting them for our shop!

They are kind of adorable in
a vintage 70's kind of a way.

I do LOVE all the colors! They
would make any kitchen bright
and Cheery!

Isn't that the truth?

"Stressed" spelled backwards

A perfect excuse to start baking :) 

We have been busy busy busy
setting up Christmas decorations
in the shop, so far we have 3 trees set up
and 2 more to go. Phew! I think it's 
time for a little glass of wine! :)

I'll be sure to share some
Christmas photos with you SOON!

~ Enjoy your day! ~

The Gals
Kathi & Lynn  

1 comment:

koralee said...

Pure joy...I collect the turquoise and the pink pryex....I soooo wish I could pop into your shop...I spy a few I would buy! Happy day to you my friend.

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