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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I don't know about any of you
out there, but I am addicted to
Pinterest  It's official.
There are tons I mean TONS
of ideas out there!

I found some beautiful
things on there and
wanted to share them with

~ Enjoy ~

(all images via Pinterest)

I love all of these! I'm trying not
to covet them, they are all just SO
pretty! I hope you enjoyed, for more
pretty inspiration hop over to Pinterest
and follow us there too!

Thanks for stopping by!

Lynn & Kathi 


Elyse said...

oh boy! these images are too lovely (and make me want to do online shopping at berryred for those cute greengate pieces at the final image).

happy tuesday


koralee said...

Pure joy...I am hooked too my friend...I really need to limit my time spent there. Hope all is well. xxoxoxo

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