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Thursday, December 9, 2010

~ Partytime ~

There is STILL a PARTY

going on over here...

join in the fun!

You can LINK UP and

share whatever your heart

desires....just as long as you

LINK back to "Everlasting Blooms"

It is always SO much fun to see

what everybody is creating out there.

So lets see whatcha got :)

I am SO thankful for all of your birthday wishes

that headed my was such a lovely day!

Your comments made it 100% better!


I'm off to a cookie exchange tonight,

just what I need after a birthday,


1 comment:

koralee said...

Oh what fun...a cookie exchange makes everything GRAND! Happy Birthday...I think I missed it...glad it was a good one.

Please eat a cookie or two for me...Just had a peanutbutter ball from my cookie exchange and I soooooo want another!!!

Hugs and love

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