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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fairies, fairies, and more fairies...

I have been SO VERY BUSY lately, that I have not had a chance to put up any new posts til now...the past few weeks we have been having fairy cupcake tea parties, and fairy garden classes, we have been having so much fun that the time has just FLOWN by! Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to the past few weeks...hope you enjoy! :)

                                              This was our first fairy garden class of the year...
                                                                       May 19,2010

 This is the FREE arch you get when you sign up for the class!


YOU know you want one! :)

Then my camera died...sooo unfortunately we didn't get any more pictures that night!

NEXT is another Cupcake fairy tea party that we had on...

May 22, 2010...

This was SO much fun! I hope the girls had as much fun as we did! :)

Story Time in the playhouse!

After we read "Thumbelina" we went out into the garden to look for fairies,
and to gather "treasures" to decorate our fairy gardens with!

After we decorated our fairy gardens
we went upstairs to have our cupcake tea party!

Yum! they were good cupcakes too!

ALL of our fairies together!

Thank you Miss Amy for helping!

I think its safe to say that everyone had fun! :)

NEXT we had 2 other Fairy garden classes

the 1st was May 26, 2010

and the 2nd was June,2, 2010...

Everyone could pick out 4 plants each... 

We could hear thunder in the distance and see the rain on its way...

And...Jack wanted to join the party too... :)

We got done with our gardens JUST in time...before the rain hit!
I think everyone still had fun even through the rain..:)

The NEXT and last fairy garden class was June 2, 2010...


We couldn't have had these classes and parties without YOU signing up!

WE had a BLAST doing them!

AND getting to know you all better!

HOPE we will see you next year! :)


Until next time....

The gals at Everlasting Blooms

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