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Monday, May 17, 2010

Cupcake Fairy Tea Party!

This past Saturday we had our first ever cupcake fairy tea party and it was SO much fun! All the little girls came dressed up in their little pink dresses and sparkles everywhere!

                                                                 OH what fun! 

We set up the tea party before all the guests arrived...

 Pixies for our little pixie guests :)

We started the fairy festivities in the playhouse, where we had fairy sparkles put on, and got our wings and wands too! Then we heard all about famous fairies like tinkerbell, and the tooth fairy...and read the story of Thumbelina...


Then after the story....

We all went into the garden...where we found fairies hiding in the flowers!

We also found lots of other treasures that we used to decorate our fairy gardens with...

After we made our fairy gardens, we went upstairs for the BEST part...

The Tea Party!

The girls just LOVED all the sugar, I'm sure all the mothers were very appreciative :)

ONCE in a great while is ok, right?

At the very end we got a group picture of all the fairies!

We would like to give
a great big


to all the mothers who allowed this to happen, AND
to my good friend Amy who helped me out during the party, we couldn't have
done this without you!

We are having another one THIS saturday, we will be sure to let you all know how that one goes too!

Until then...

HOPE you are all enjoying your day!

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