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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Vintage Flea Market Success!

Our Vintage Fall Flea was 
last weekend, October 9 &10, 
and boy did the crowds come!! 

It was SUPER busy, & for a moment 
not ONE parking space was left! 
Since we have started hosting the flea 
markets at our shop about 5 years ago
 it has never been so busy as this one! 

Thank you! To all the vendors who came out, 
and all the customers who came and went 
and kept coming! We could not have these 
flea markets if it wasn't for you!! 

This is only a small, tiny tid bit 
of all the great vendors we had this time!! 

We are so grateful! 

Our next event 
is THIS week Saturday!! 
Join us as we learn how to make our 
very own chalkboard signs! 
The very talented Amber from 
will be at our shop
teaching us how!! 
You do need to purchase a ticket
just click below to find out more details!

We will see you soon! 

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Amazing stuff collections!

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