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Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend recap

The Vintage Flea Market 
was a success!! 

to all of our vendors 
and to everyone who came 
out and shopped! It is always
so much fun to see the shows come 
together! The booths start taking shape,
the antiques, furniture and treasures 
setting out, make my heart flutter  
every time! 

All of our vendors came out on 
Thursday to set up their booths, 
and we were all keeping our 
fingers crossed that the weather 
would hold out for the show! 
There was rain in the forecast 
and we had tents set up outside with 
precious merchandise! 

It rained.

Thursday night, the night 
before the show, I couldn't sleep
I kept thinking about all the 
furniture and antiques sitting outside 
under tents, hoping everything was ok! 

I showed up Friday morning and 
everything was wet! Soaking wet...
towels! I needed towels! 

I ran and grabbed some dry 
towels and started drying everything off ...
phew! It was going to be okay! 

Thankfully nothing was ruined 

It sprinkled a little bit, but a little 
rain didn't keep the shoppers away! 

People came in droves! 
We are SO thankful! 

Friday & Saturday were a
success!! We can't 
wait until our next show
in the Fall! 

Mark your calendar 
October 9 & 10, 2015 

Thanks for stopping in! 
Lynn & Kathi 

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