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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Atlanta Here we come!

I have been MIA in the 
Blogging world lately...I apologize for 
not keeping you all updated on what's
been happening...although I have 
to admit there hasn't been much 
happening over here...unless you 
consider relaxing and waking up WAY 
later than is's always nice, and 
we are always ready for our "little break," but 
MAN do I NEED to work otherwise I'm afraid I would 
turn into a lazy, not so creative, or fun person. 

So with that said...the past couple days 
we have finally stepped back into the shop, 
and organized! We are leaving for Atlanta 
NEXT week already 
for the Americas Mart We are SO 
excited! We always have so much fun 
finding new products, and figuring out 
what new displays we are going to 
have in our little shop...etc..
(I could go on and on)

What do you think will be the new and upcoming 
thing for 2013?? 

Make sure to check back to see 
what we find in Atlanta :) 

Until then...

Lynn & Kathi 

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Anonymous said...

Love your website. I have a lot of trouble, though, reading the blue print on the green background. It looks very pretty but is so difficult to read. Just wanted to mention it in case other readers are having the same problem. Thanks! Have a great day!

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