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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Exciting NEWS!

Guess what?!

If you don't already know...
we are expanding!

Super exciting news for us!
Beginning April 2, 2012 you will 
be able to view our new expanded 
greenhouse! We have SO many 
exciting things planned for 
this year! 

We have been working hard 
this winter...

The bricks that we used for our
pavers were once on the streets 
of our city Grand Rapids! 
 How cool is that?

Jack helping us out :)

Building our chicken coop.
YES, we are getting chickens!
I can't wait to go and get our
baby chicks. 

Come and join us April 2!
The greenhouse is already starting
to fill up with lots of plants! 

We are SO excited to show you 
our newest addition!

There is SO much more that has
changed since these pictures
were taken...I'll have to get 
my camera out so I
can keep on sharing with you 
all of the exciting changes!

Until then...

Lynn & Kathi 

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