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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Can you hear me now?

Anyone know where I can
find me one of these??

I am in LOVE
with this phone!

I love that it has PUSH
buttons instead of the
rotary, SO much nicer
in my opinion.

I just love everything about these!
Someone tell me! Where
can I find one?
(especially that first one!) 

Lynn & Kathi


contentedsparrow said...

Eeeee! I HAVE that first one but in red. It was from Pottery Barn Kids but truly too bad for you, it was from years and years ago! My kiddos just use it for play because we don't have a land line. Surely, you could find one on ebay or etsy!


I love them to, first off love pastels, and kiddie phones, OMG!!!!!love love love. HUGS Mary

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