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Friday, November 18, 2011


We always have "junk"
laying around here at the
shop. Why would we throw away
what we can repurpose into
something new and beautiful?

So, yesterday I took these little
tin boxes we had and decoupaged
old music paper over them, added
a little glitter, and some buttons
viola! Something beautiful, and
just in time to put a little
Christmas gift in.

Here take a look...

First, you will need Mod Podge, a
cheap brush, and some paper.
(I chose vintage music paper, but you can
use whatever you want.) 

After the glue dried, I took
our hot glue gun and glued
buttons on the cover, just
to add a little interest and
because it's just cute...
who doesn't love buttons? 

Finished! What do you think?
It's the perfect size to fill
with Christmas cookies or candies
and give to a friend...and to
think this could have ended up
in the trash! 

This is what it looked like before
in the middle and the finished product. 

I hope you think twice before you throw
something away. There is always
another purpose for those
certain pieces of  "junk"

~ Enjoy your day, and
have a HAPPY weekend ~

Lynn and Kathi 

1 comment:

sugar Creek said...

I love that! So pretty and simple and darn why didn't I think of that!?

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