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Friday, November 25, 2011

Holiday Open House

I don't know about all of you
out there, but we did NOT brave the crowds
this morning, for the annual black
Friday deals. It just didn't appeal to us this year.
I don't know, maybe it had something to do
with the standing in line for hours, and getting
out of bed at 3 in the morning to buy
more stuff we don't need. Hmm...
maybe next year I will? OR
maybe I will later today when
all the crazy people are back home, to
see what scraps they left behind. :)

So the real reason I'm writing this post,
( is not to rant on about black Friday..)
but to remind you all about our

which is TOMORROW!

We will be opening our doors at 9am and
will be open all day until 6pm.

We will be serving up all sorts of
homemade goodies!

The first 50 customers will receive
a FREE ornament! We will also have a
drawing to win a pink vintage house!
(see previous post)

There will be a wine punchbowl
in the afternoon and into the night.
Who doesn't love that?

So go grab your friends and come
on out tomorrow to check us out!
You won't want to miss this!

We hope you can make it!
We'll see you soon!

Lynn & Kathi

1 comment:

Deb said...

Such an adorable shop! I love all the little vignettes you have set up.
Hope your Open House is a huge success ♥

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