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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thank You!

As you know, last
Saturday we had our Flea market,
and it was such a great success!!

I have a feeling this will become an annual
thing, and will hopefully grow
and grow and grow...

We had the MOST DELISH pumpkin donuts
from  Robinettes there! Mmm..I
had to restrain myself from eating
more than just 1!

We couldn't have asked for a better
day! The weather was beautiful!

There were so many other vendors
there that I just didn't get a chance to take
pictures of! Thank You to everyone who had
a booth, it wouldn't have been the same
without all of you!  
 Also, ALL of our customers, friends,
and family that came out on Saturday
YOU all made it such a good day!

We had SO much fun putting all of this
together, and hopefully next
Spring we can do this again!

So keep your ears open for
news of when our NEXT
is going to happen!

Can't wait!  


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