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Monday, September 19, 2011


If you didn't already know,
then you better write it down
 and save the date, because we are going
to have our first ever


 On Saturday, October 1,
all day from 9am til 5 pm.

 We are SO excited about our Flea Market,
and hopefully...keeping our fingers crossed,
this thing could go somewhere!

We love our city and love Michigan,
but I don't know of any
Antique flea markets
(similar to country living fair)
that are in our wonderful state.
If anyone knows of any...PLEASE
let us know, we will be there!

Our plan, is to create
a place for women to sell
and display their goods, a place
that is beautiful and unique. We don't
want it to look like a garage sale, or
a craft show...but a Flea market,
a nice, beautiful market.

So if you are in the Grand Rapids area
on October 1 look us up!
Remember it's our first one ever,
we hope to achieve what we have
dreamed in our minds, but there
is always room for improvement.

We can't wait, and we hope
that you will join us!

We hope to see you soon!!

~ The gals


Sewn With Grace said...

I'm putting it on my calendar - it sounds wonderful!! Are you still in need of people to sell? I might be interested :)

contentedsparrow said...

ooo, i'll be there, too! like "sewn with grace", i'm also wondering if you're looking for sellers??
thanks! (i've been gearing up for my vintage etsy shop coming soon....but, hmmm...maybe a local flea would be a good thing.) by the way, i've been to the CLFair and it was awesome and no, nothing like that around here which is sooo sad. only allegan and the kane co. flea in chicago area.

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