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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cute wedding ideas ~

Weddings, weddings, and weddings,
that's how I feel my summer has been
going so far, 1 after the other,
and of course since I help brides
on their special day it's only
appropriate that I always be
looking for new and fresh creative
ideas. I also LOVE just
googleing all sorts of things
and I'm never disappointed.

Here are some more recent ones
that I  found, and just had
to share them with you! ~ Enjoy

Now all I want to do is throw
a big party, just so I can decorate
how cute is this last photo?
LOVE all the candles and lights hanging
from the trees, SO pretty.

Have you been to Pinterest yet?
It's  one of my latest addictions and where
I find  alot of these adorable photos,
if you haven't been there yet GO right now.
You will love it...and might just
get addicted, just to warn you.

~ Until next time...have a great weekend!~

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