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Friday, April 15, 2011

Relax and enjoy yourself

Just have a seat right here
and rest your PRETTY little
feet...and Relax, stay a while...
enjoy the day...

Wouldn't it be nice to
 just shrink yourself and hop
right into that little chair?

Forget about reality for a little while?

Happy PRETTY Friday everyone!

 I hope you have a relaxing, wonderful
kind of a weekend!

Be sure to hope over to Joyce's blog

For more PRETTY inspiration

~ xoxo

1 comment:

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Ha Ha You got me with that first picture. I thought I could really have a seat and enjoy until... I saw the next picture.
Thanks for once again joining my little Friday Pretties Party. Renee and I are really going to come to your shop soon- as son as it isn't cold enough to snow. Snow in April- Sinful!!!
Stay Warm!

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