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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

~ Thank You! ~

Guess What? this probably won't be

exciting for YOU,

but for us it is SO exciting!

Today as I was signing in

to check up on the blog

what do you suppose I found?

A brand new follower!

Which means we have made it to the wonderful

number of  50!


I am jumping up and down

with happiness and joy

for you all have made my day so

much brighter and cheerier




~ May the season truly be bright

and filled with happiness ~ 

{ ps. we are shooting for 100! }


Petite Michelle Louise said...

congratulations! I well remember that milestone and the excitement it brought me! you have a beautiful blog and i am happy to be one of your "50!" Oh Happy Day!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

That was such a wonderful moment for me too! It is always so amazing to me that someone actually visits, comments or follows my blog. It;s so much FUN!

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