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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

~ It's the Holiday Season ~

We had our Holiday Open House
this past Saturday,
which was a GREAT success!


 everyone who came we really
 APPRECIATE your business!
It just wouldn't have been the same
without all of you. We have MUCH
to be THANKFUL for here
at Everlasting Blooms.

We were busy busy busy all day long
so I didn't get much time to take pictures,
but here are a few I squeezed in...

Hope you all had a wonderful
Thanksgiving, God has truly blessed
us with SO much more than we need.

~ Enjoy ~

The goodies all set and ready to go..
mmm peppermint creamer my fav! :)

Until next time...

I hope you all are having
blessed day filled to the brim
 with happiness. :)


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